Double Rod End

Double Rod End Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturer, Supplier


A piston is firmly attached to two smaller diameter piston rods in double rod hydraulic cylinders. The maximum load that may be transmitted is dependent on both the maximum operating pressure and the exact same annulus area in both directions.
S N Hydraulic has a variety of double rod hydraulic cylinders with various piston rod sizes for unique uses. In terms of the relationship between the sizes of both annulus areas, these types' forces and speeds behave similarly to those of single rod cylinders.

Specifications and Features :
Working Pressure up to 350 bar
Test Pressure up to 500 bar
Maximum working Speed 0.5m/second
Fluid Mineral Hydraulic Oil
Piston and Rod Sizes Customizable
Rod Sizes Customizable
Mounting types up to 5 meters
Air bleeding
End cushioning (optional)
Integrated control valves fitted (optional)
Electrical position sensing devices (optional)

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